Development of an automated culture system

To reduce the energy intensity per kg produced, Genika has worked on the development and deployment of a tray culture system that allows the filling, moving, and automated harvest of the crop. The development of this technique can double the production capacity without increasing the workforce and reduce the energy intensity of the greenhouse by about 100 000m³ of natural gas per year while increasing the incomes of the greenhouse.

Development of a CO2 recovery technology

At an ornamental producer new technology has been developed to recover CO2 from high efficiency condensing unit heaters of natural gas. The use is based on an operation protocol that reduces the energy consumption and maintains the product quality by reducing the overnight temperature (it acts as a growth regulator). By injecting CO2 in the morning in the greenhouse, this encourages growth all awhile maintaining 24 hour average temperatures identical to the standard practice; the strategy allows a significant energy consumption reduction in the greenhouse.

Semi-closed greenhouses

In order to stimulate the growth of vegetables maintaining high CO2 levels in the crop and optimal growing conditions for the plant, Genika has developed control algorithms and operating method for keeping greenhouses cool all awhile maintaining the rooftops of the greenhouse closed.



Génika inc.

Joey Villeneuve, ing., M.SC., CMVP
Québec, QC, CANADA

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