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flammeIt is important to create an optimal environment to protect your crops against changes in external environment and thereby promote the growth of your plants. Genika will guide you in selecting your heating, ventilation, production equipment, management and climate control technologies.


kWhGenika is able to perform energy audits of your greenhouse, either to model the consumption of new construction or to optimize the use of your existing greenhouse by applying appropriate energy saving measures.


coupeGenika works on applied engineering projects for your specific productions needs. Whether to increase your productivity, your process change, add or improve equipment, Genika develops solutions tailored to your needs to help your business thrive.


alimentaireGenika also specializes in productivity of food industries. Genika is able to guide you in identifying your company's production bottlenecks as well as in the identification of methods to increase your production capacity all awhile working on continuous improvement projects with multidisciplinary teams.




Joey Villeneuve eng., M.Sc., CMVP

Joey Villeneuve studied at Université Laval in Engineering. He subsequently completed a Masters degree on methods of reducing energy consumption in greenhouses. Joey Villeneuve has developed expertise in the area of greenhouse cultivation over the years; his expertise enables him to identify effective solutions that improve the energy consumption of the greenhouse.

He has been working for more than 9 years in greenhouses, whether in technological innovation, energy efficiency and developing new equipment to improve production and automation of greenhouses.

Joey holds the title of CMVP (Certified Measurement & Verification Professional by AEE (Association of Energy Engineers)).


Marise Vallières eng., CMVP

Marise studied at Université Laval in Engineering. She subsequently gained experience in a dairy company, where she was responsible for the management of multi-disciplinary teams of continuous improvement, replacement projects and production equipment additions.

Subsequently, Marise completed a Master on the cooling and dehumidification in greenhouses, which allowed her to deepen her knowledge in terms of microclimate and greenhouse energy management. For the past 5 years, Marise has performs energy audits and worked with farmers in order to improve their business.

Her years of experience have enabled Marise to obtain the title of CMVP (Certified Measurement & Verification Professional by AEE (Association of Energy Engineers)).


Johane Méthot, M.Sc. Biologie

Johane a effectué un baccalauréat en biologie à l’Université Laval. Elle y a ensuite complété une maîtrise en biologie végétale dont le sujet de recherche était l’évaluation du potentiel de croissance et de rendement d’une culture de tomates biologiques cultivées dans une serre climatisée à l’aide d’un système géothermique. De plus, Johane est membre de l’association des biologistes du Québec depuis 2014.

Ayant travaillé dans des serres au sein d’une équipe de recherche universitaire et chez un producteur, Johane a acquis plusieurs connaissances et aptitudes en lien avec ce type de production tant au plan technologique qu’agronomique. Agissant à titre de chargée de projet chez Génika, la coordination des projets en recherche et développement en serriculture lui permettent de mettre en valeur ses intérêts pour les sciences, la résolution de problèmes et la découverte.


Energy efficiency projects - Natural Gas

If you use natural gas as an energy source for your business, we are able to implement improvements for your business that are eligible for incentive programs from Gaz Metro. Our company is certified by Gaz Metro.

Biomass projects

We are able to guide you in choosing your equipment, regardless of the size of your business.

Energy efficiency projects - Fossil energy

If you use fossil fuels other than natural gas as an energy source for your business, we can guide you and suggest solutions that are eligible for various funding agencies to reduce greenhouse gases.


Development of an automated culture system

To reduce the energy intensity per kg produced, Genika has worked on the development and deployment of a tray culture system that allows the filling, moving, and automated harvest of the crop. The development of this technique can double the production capacity without increasing the workforce and reduce the energy intensity of the greenhouse by about 100 000m³ of natural gas per year while increasing the incomes of the greenhouse.

Development of a CO2 recovery technology

At an ornamental producer new technology has been developed to recover CO2 from high efficiency condensing unit heaters of natural gas. The use is based on an operation protocol that reduces the energy consumption and maintains the product quality by reducing the overnight temperature (it acts as a growth regulator). By injecting CO2 in the morning in the greenhouse, this encourages growth all awhile maintaining 24 hour average temperatures identical to the standard practice; the strategy allows a significant energy consumption reduction in the greenhouse.

Semi-closed greenhouses

In order to stimulate the growth of vegetables maintaining high CO2 levels in the crop and optimal growing conditions for the plant, Genika has developed control algorithms and operating method for keeping greenhouses cool all awhile maintaining the rooftops of the greenhouse closed.



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